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L’azienda “Tenute Lu Bulioni” risiede in Gallura ed esattamente a Sant’Antonio di Gallura a pochi km dal ridente paesino. Qui in una natura incontaminata, da una accurata selezione di uve vermentine, abbiamo ottenuto il Bianco Cristallino.

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La Tenuta lu Bulioni

We have only one passion for four generations. The care of our land, making sure that uncontaminated nature gives birth to a unique and genuine fruit. Through the experience we have created a wine with a refined, delicate taste that remains impressed in the sensations of those who taste it.

La Gallura, an ancient land kissed by the sun, visited by the winds, rich in flavors, aromas and scents with large spaces that are lost visibly, under a clear and clear sky.

The company “Tenute Lu Bulioni” resides in Gallura and exactly in Sant’Antonio di Gallura, a few kilometers from the charming village. Here in an uncontaminated nature, from a careful selection of Vermentine grapes, we obtained the Bianco Cristallino.



The Cristallino White Vermentino was born




In the Rich Panorama Of Very High Level Of Vermentini Galluresi There Is A New Born. It is the White Crystal, Vermentino Superiore Docg, which started this year …

In the rich panorama of the highest level of the Gallura vermentini there is a new born. It is the Bianco Cristallino, Vermentino Superiore Docg, which started its adventure this year. Bianco Cristallino is produced by the company «Tenute Lu Bulioni», whose vineyards are in the territory of Sant’Antonio di Gallura and Arzachena. To have the idea to start with this initiative, the owner of the estates, Quirico Addis who wanted to make the most of the family vineyards. «We started with 4000 bottles – says Addis – but in the next few years we are counting on a production of about 20 thousand bottles. A small production that obviously focuses on quality and on a selected distribution to high-level local Gallura. We have taken care of everything in the smallest details, starting obviously from the wine to continue with the bottle, the cap and the label ». In the presentation, the wine, which has 13 degrees, is defined as follows: «With a bright straw-yellow color, it has an aromas of pears and plums that intertwine with brooms and almond flowers, hints of Mediterranean scrub. Dry and firm. The flavor is enhanced by a well-defined flavor and a freshness that remains the dominant element. Final in the wake of ammandorlate nuances ». ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THE NEW SARDINIA